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FooDoodler® Food Coloring Markers - Original (8 Ct)

FooDoodler® Food Coloring Markers - Original (8 Ct)


FooDoodler Edible Markers are a must for food stylists, cake decorators, caterers and budding artists. Use the FooDoodler as a cookie decorating tool or an edible crafts for kids. For inspiration and unique decorating ideas for special events such as birthday, graduation, holiday and wedding celebrations visit our crafts page on pinterest.


FDA Approved. Made in the USA. Certified Kosher. Markers work best on smooth, hard and dry food surfaces.


These are the original version of our FooDoodler® Food Coloring Markers. Use them just like you would an ordinary marker. Send a greeting to that special someone. Great for toaster pastries, cookies, toast, pancakes and candy. These will draw thick or thin, depending on the angle you hold them.


Includes 8 Edible Markers


1 - Black

1 - Brown

1 - Blue

1 - Red

1 - Green

1 - Orange

1 - Yellow

1 - Pink

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