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My name is Theresa, or Teesa, as my precious grand kids call me. I am a lover of Jesus, and I admit... a bake-a-holic! A few years ago, my mom and dad gave me my very first  mixer stand for Christmas, and OH MY GOODNESS, that was all it took! I have always loved to bake and have done a lot of it, but with my new mixer and Pinterest...I started baking ALL THE TIME! (Not good when you are over 50! Lol!)

It really was ok though, because it fit in with my favorite thing of having the family over for family celebrations and holidays. YES... we always have an over abundance of desserts! Lol! 

One of my favorite things to make, among many, is Royal Icing Cookies. Once I started making them, they just stole my heart. My very first ones were Minnie Mouse. I made them for my grand daughter Strawberries 3rd birthday. When she saw her cookies her face lit up with the biggest smile ever! SHE LOVED THEM! Then she ate 2 and wanted more! Lol! Even though they honestly weren’t that pretty (That was my first try), they were a hit with everyone. Let me just say, it melted my heart, and I've loved them ever since. 

Along the royal Icing journey, I found "Pernicky" from The Czech Republic. This is Czech Gingerbread that are very intricately decorated with white Icing. WOW!! I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM! They are seriously the MOST BEAUTIFUL creations I have ever seen! Wow, these women that make them are so talented. Finding Pernicky sent me on a quest to try and make them, as well as one of their Gingerbread houses. 

The only problem was, I could not find any of the traditional Czech cookie cutters for sale in the US. That's when I found Smolik. They are a wonderful family in The Czech Republic that make their own Cookie Cutters. I have now partnered with them and I am blessed to now offer them in the US. 


I love EVERYTHING about baking, including all of those awesome tools and supplies that make your treats easier to make, successful, beautiful , and tasty, tasty, tasty!  So… I decided to start my own baking supply !

My goal with Teesa's Baking Supplies is to supply all of my baking buddies out there with all of the wonderful things we need to keep those tasty treats rolling out of the kitchen, because we all know as bakers... its just our way of saying, "WE LOVE YOU” to our family and friends! :-)

I would love to help you out with any of your baking supply needs! Thanks for stopping by my store! 

God Bless! 


Hello, and Welcome!

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