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Food Paints, Dusts & Glitters

Food Paints

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Mini Palettes

Activate, Stir and Paint with our Water Activated Metallic Food Paint. A revolutionary way to decorate your cakes, desserts and cookies. It was invented specifically to cater for the Vegan and Religious decorators.


Our Water Activated Food Paints are Kosher Approved, Vegan friendly and contain Zero alcohol.


With a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients our Water Activated Food Paint can paint, dry and be rub free in a really quick time on many surfaces making decorating quicker, easier and more cost effective.

Sweet Sticks Mini Palettes

Dusts & Gliiters


Luster Glitter  Shop our Luxe Glitter to add pearlescent shimmer to you cocktails and cupcakes for a bit of glam! Our edible glitter dust jars are packed full of shiny color that can be dusted over pretty much anything you can think of including drinks.

Luster Dust  Shop our luxe edible luster dust for cakes and cupcakes giving them perfect, rich decorating color on all the fine details or slight colored shimmer for the perfect confectionery highlight. Get on the trend train with metallic drip cakes using our fine edible powders as the latest cake decorating fad! No matter how you use them, you'll see why our luster dusts are so versatile!

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