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Teesa's Recipes

These are some of my favorite go-to recipes!
I will be adding more recipes soon. I hope you enjoy!


Soft Gingerbread  Cookies


These Gingerbread Cookies are SO GOOD! Sometimes I crave them and it doesn't even have to be around the holidays. I have family and friends that LOVE my gingerbread and look forward to it every year. Thank you to Melissa Griffiths of Bless This Mess for this awesome recipe! It changed my view of gingerbread and will forever be my go-to recipe!his Mess for the recipe! 

Strawberry - Vanilla Custard Cream Cookies


These beautiful British Custard Creams are show stopping cookies that are not only beautiful, but they taste amazing! The cookie is soft and light and not too sweet, and then the strawberry filling adds just the perfect amount of strawberry flavor and sweetness! You can use this recipe with or without cookie molds and change up the filling flavor. The possibilities are limitless! 

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