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SQUARE SCALLOPED/SMOOTH  Nestled Cookie Cutter 5 piece Set

SQUARE SCALLOPED/SMOOTH Nestled Cookie Cutter 5 piece Set

SKU: 8209

SQUARE SCALLOPED/SMOOTH  Nestled Cookie Cutter 5 piece Set

2 Cutters in one - Scalloped on one side, smooth on the other.

Set (5 pcs) Linzer/Pernicky/Sugar/Royal Icing/Gingerbread


From Largest - 3", 2.50", 2.06", 1.75, 1.44" -  to smallest



Cookie Cutters that can be used for making decorated linzer, biscuits, royal icing sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, linzer, pernicky, fondant molds, sandwich shapes, or any other use that you creatively think of.


About this item

VERSATILE - Make ’em square...big or little...smooth or scalloped! Includes five square in graduated sizes.

SMOOTH OR SCALLOPED - Use the smooth side for a clean edge... or flip it over and create a fancy scalloped border.

COOKIES & BISCUITS - Ideal for sugar cookies, gingersnaps and other rolled dough recipes. Terrific for homemade biscuits – from a small dunking size to thick jumbos for biscuits-and-gravy.

CONVENIENT - Bright blue color is easy to find in a drawer. And the cutters nest for easy storage. BPA free.

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