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MINI DOG CUTTERS Cookie Cutters Set of 5

MINI DOG CUTTERS Cookie Cutters Set of 5

SKU: 8051

MINI DOG CUTTERS Set of 5 PC Cookie Cutters 


This cute 5 piece Mini Dog Cutter set comes in a round tin gift box. The shapes are highly detailed and heavy duty. 



Dog House




Fire Hydrant

Round Tin Holder


These Cookie Cutters give you 5 different shapes and sizes to make dog themed cookies, cake decorating & fondant molds. Great for Gingerbread and Pernicky! Can also be used for crafts, soap making, clay molding. Also makes a beautiful gift. 


- Stainless steel

- Heavy duty, not flimsy

- Great for cutting cookie dough, craft clay, soft fruits.



Teesa's Baking Supplies

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