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4 HEARTS VALENTINES Cookie Cutters (4 pcs)

4 HEARTS VALENTINES Cookie Cutters (4 pcs)

SKU: C4257

4 Hearts Valentine Cookie Cutters - Made to go with 4 Hearts Valentine Cookie Mold #M4257

Approx size - 2 x 3 inch

These cookie cutters are plastic.


About the molds;

House on the Hill creates beautiful cookie molds that are resin replicas of historic and newer hand carved wooden molds. For years, the carved cookie mold has been used to create intricately detailed pieces of edible artwork that are adored and enjoyed whereever they are served.  They add a touch of history and tradition that makes any celebration even more special, including Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, anniversaries, births, and birthdays. 


These molds are fully functional resin composite molds individually hand poured and hand finished in the USA. (Please note, these are not wood, but are replicas that resemble wood).


Used to make Springerle cookies, and for cookie recipes that are designed for use in cookie molds. Recipes that are proportionately high in fat, sugar and leavening will not maintain the imprinted design when the cookies are baked. Also used for marzipan creations, fondant and decorating cakes, as well as for craft molds. 


Many use these as beautiful kitchen and home decorations. 

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