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Gingerbread House Template

When I ran across this Gingerbread House shape on Pinterest, I fell in love with it. I made my first one back in 2018 for Christmas, and my second this Easter of 2023. I wanted to share the template with you so that if you make one, it will make it easier for you, as you will already have the template!
I hope you will give it a try, and remember, it does not have to be perfect! The journey of making it is where most of the fun lies! :-)


From the start of my royal icing and gingerbread journey, I have followed and been inspired by the work of Teri Pringle Butler Wood, Julia Usher and many Czech women who make beautiful Pernicky Gingerbread and designs. I used Teri's Gingerbread recipe for both of my houses. Thank you ALL for sharing your artwork and teaching us what you know!

Please READ all notes before you start - Notes are very helpful! :-)

These are some trials and errors I have experienced and learned from. I hope these will help you! When you print these template sheets out, MAKE SURE they are to size. The best way to do this is to print out one page then take a measuring tape or ruler and measure to make sure they are the same size that it says on each piece. If they are off, you may need to adjust your printing settings. I use the “Do Not Scale”setting on my printer.


JUST A HEADS UP - Once you get going, cut each of these 2 panels out of the same roll-out of dough. That way, the thickness will not change and they will stay closer to the same exact size when baked. Try very hard to make sure you roll each piece to the same thickness all the way around.

The 2 Roof Panels

The 2 Side Wall Panels

The 2 Back/Front Panels


Once all of your template sheets are double-checked for correct size and printed, cut each template out with scissors. Once they are all cut out, you will roll out your gingerbread then lay the templates on top. Gently hold them in place not pressing into your gingerbread dough while you use a small sharp knife or exacto-knife to cut around your templates, cutting out your gingerbread pieces. On the round base, you will cut out one side, then pick up the half circle template piece of paper, gently laying it on the remaining side, and finish cutting it out (Or if you prefer, just print out 2 of the half circle templates -pg 5, then tape together). Transfer your cut out pieces on to a parchment lined baking sheet. I usually pop them in the fridge until I get all pieces cut out, them I start baking, but that’s just me.


This template does not include windows or doors. That way you can create your own shapes and designs and place them where you would like. Gingerbread experts say it’s best to cut out shapes before baking, but to leave the cut out dough in place until after baking, then gently cut it out and remove it. That way the edges will be more crisp.I personally have not tried this.


JUST AN FYI - On my Christmas house, I cut everything out before baking. The holes on the roof for your ribbon definitely need to be cut out before baking. I think it makes them stronger. On my Easter house, I cut everything out after baking. I wanted to have a thicker ledge for the door and windows. It’s harder to cut out once baked, but it leaves a nice edge. Be careful when you do this so you don't crack your pieces! Gentle, gentle!! I went ahead and coated the inside of the windows and door with egg wash, so as to seal it from crumbs. Plus it makes it shiny and I like that. (I should have cut the ribbon holes out before baking, but I forgot. So even if you prefer cutting out after baking - I recommend cutting ribbon holes beforehand.


When you flood your pieces, try and get the edges as straight as possible. This will give you a much better finished look. ( I learned this from not doing it and getting in a rush. UGGG!)

Decorate all of your pieces, and let they dry completely BEFORE putting them together! This is very important! You risk ruining it if all your pieces are not completely decorated & dry.


I use many different consistencies of royal icing as I go, for different parts of the house/design. However, for the glueing together of the house, I use a thicker royal icing, but not as thick as leaves and flowers consistency.


For the writing, I use a projector. I HAVE too, as I am “writing” challenged! I will tell you, writing is always my struggle. Getting the perfect consistency of royal icing is SO IMPORTANT when writing, and I always have a hard time getting it just right! Ugggg! Kudos to all of you great writers out there! Practice makes perfect!


When I glue my pieces together to build the house, I usually shave/cut the edges that need it with a surrated knife to get a smoother edge to make them fit together better. Be gentle when doing this! I use a serrated bread knife. This helps because when the dough bakes, it swells a bit ,and it just fits better when you cut or shave the edges smooth that need it. I’ve heard of some people using a shaver or micro-grater. I have not tried this, but probably will on my next project. I even do it on the edges that are on the bottom of the house. It makes it sit flatter and makes it more stable.


For the ribbon, I think cloth ribbon is better. It is softer on the cookie, and it seems to me that paper ribbon has more tendency to cut into the cookie and weaken it. It also lays prettier than paper. In saying that, I used paper on my Christmas house, and had no problem.


That’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions. I am certainly no expert! I’’m sure there are many of you out there that know way more than I do, but I do love sharing info that I have learned to help make us all successful! If you have any tips, please share them with with me! I’d be honored to pass them on.

Happy Baking!

Teesa :-)



Here is a list of Czech Cutters I used for my Easter House if you would like them. Some of the same ones are

sold in different sets, so I included them all in case one is sold out.


Easter in Egg Mini Set -

Bunny Egg -

Flowers Cookie Cutter Set -

Flower Set-

Lamb Cookie Cutter -

Butterfly Cookie Cutter -


Serrated Circles -


All Czech Cutters - To create your own design!

Gingerbread House Template

Please Note
1. When I made my Easter House, I mistakenly decorated the roof pieces in the wrong direction. The roof pieces should not be so long to cover the side walls of the house. The roof panels of the template will look more like the roof panels of my Christmas house. Be mindful of where the "top" is on the roof when you start decorating. 
2. The template base is a bit larger that my Easter house. I wanted it to be larger so I could put more things around it. If you want it smaller, just make about a
 9.5 inch base. 

More Pic's

I would LOVE to share your work on my FB page! If you are open to that, just email me! 
Happy Baking! 


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