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HOH Springerle Cookie Molds

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House on the Hill creates beautiful cookie molds that are resin replicas of historic and newer hand carved wooden molds. For years, the carved cookie mold has been used to create intricately detailed pieces of edible artwork that are adored and enjoyed wherever they are served.  They add a touch of history and tradition that makes any celebration even more special, including Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, anniversaries, births, and birthdays. 


There are so many wonderful HOH cookie molds and I am continually working on growing my inventory, but in the meantime, if you see a mold in the HOH Catalog that I don't carry yet, I will order it for you! Just email me the Product name and number, and I will email you  back all the info. 

Thanks! :-)    Teesa

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Please Note:
Molded cookies require special recipes to keep their detail, and to
give you the best possible results. If you are in need of a recipe, we welcome you to check out the House On The Hill Recipes and Baking Directions Page. 

House on the Hill Molded Cookie Recipes

Baking Directions for Springerle Cookies

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